Month: August 2018

Sikh Funerals

Sikh Funerals, which are called Antam Sanskaar, differ from many funerals in other parts of the world in that they are somewhat less sombre compared with other funerals. That is because Sikhs, who originally emerged from the Punjab region of India bordering Pakistan, believe that the soul continues to shift, even after death where it …

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Buddhist Funerals

With Australia home to a large multicultural society, Buddhism has become a fast-growing religion practiced in many suburbs across the country. Although there are various forms of Buddhism, the general trait involves the belief that death is a part of the reincarnation process. This reincarnation process, referred to as saṃsāra, relies heavily on the notion …

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Hindu Funerals

With its Indian roots, Hinduism is the third largest religion in the world. Followers of Hinduism believe that death is merely a physical construct and that the soul is reincarnated into another being. The principle of karma concerns the belief that actions during one’s physical life will shape the destiny of their soul’s reincarnation. As …

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